Monday, January 12, 2015

Governor Brown Proposes Austerity

Chris Hoene on the Governor's Proposed 2015-16 Budget:
Prioritizes Austerity at the Expense of Helping Ensure All Californians Share in State's Recovery
Earlier today, the California Budget Project (CBP) released the following statement from Executive Director Chris Hoene in response to Governor Brown's proposed 2015-16 budget:

"The Governor's budget proposal prioritizes austerity at the expense of helping ensure that all Californians can share in the state's economic recovery.

"The Governor in recent years has shown an ability to take a long-term approach when it comes to paying off state debts, building infrastructure, and addressing climate change. But with poverty and unemployment still high in many parts of California, it's critical that he and the Legislature bring this same sense of vision to reinvesting in people and communities. This means placing a greater focus on helping struggling families to advance economically, ensuring that students and their families can afford a college education, and strengthening the state's social safety net.

"A growing California economy and stronger state revenues create an opportunity to rebuild an array of public services and systems that were deeply cut during the Great Recession, from child care and preschool to support for low-income seniors and people with disabilities. Failing to reinvest not only means that many Californians could be left out of our state's economic future, but also puts that future at risk."

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