Monday, January 12, 2015

Read the California Budget Project analysis of the Governor's budget proposals

Read the CBP's Analysis of Governor Brown's 2015-16 Budget Proposal 

A new report from the California Budget Project (CBP) examines the 2015-16 budget proposal released by Governor Jerry Brown this past Friday.

The CBP's report shows that even with increased state revenues and a continuing economic recovery that has yet to reach many Californians, the Governor's proposed budget prioritizes fiscal austerity over investing in broadly shared prosperity. The Governor's proposal does reflect a focus on policy changes enacted in prior years -- such as California's new K-12 funding formula and the state's implementation of federal health care reform -- that move the state forward in important ways. Yet, while the Governor's proposal includes long-term plans for paying down budgetary debt and saving for a rainy day, it does not present a similar vision for tackling California's biggest challenges: still-high levels of unemployment and poverty, widening income inequality, and a safety net severely weakened by years of funding cuts.

The CBP's report summarizes many of the key provisions of the Governor's proposed budget and highlights their implications.

Read the analysis.

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