Friday, April 10, 2015

Forum- Working Class Under Siege

Working Class Under Siege:
Organized labor and students fight for a brighter future.
Forum:  April 16, 2015.   3 PM.
Speakers, video, dialogue.  Join us.
Fabrizio Sasso; Executive Director of Sacramento Central Labor Council.
Kevin Wehr, President, California Faculty Association. Paul Burke, Sociology, Ian Lee, the Fight for $15,  Citizens to Trade Campaign TPP, 
Andee Suderland. DSA Student Debt Campaign
Leisa Falkner- exploitation of adjunct faculty. Students from SQE- Sac State
 3 PM. Hinde Auditorium, CSU –Sacramento

Sponsored by Sacramento Progressive Alliance, DSA, California Faculty Assoc. , Students for Quality Education,  Campus Progressive Alliance.

Preliminary announcement.