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Greece and Europe- May Hope Prevail

May Hope Prevail in Greece and Europe: SYRIZA Central Committee Statement

May 28, 2015
Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

May 28, 2015 -- The following is the resolution of the central committee of SYRIZA, published on May 24 and is binding for the party collectively. The resolution is a product of consensus and has been voted for. It is posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal for the information of the international left.

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From January 25, the government has been giving an unprecedented political struggle. A struggle towards the country’s final exit from the dead-end of the memoranda; a struggle to alleviate the burden of those fighting to survive after the policies implemented during the last 5 years; to restart the economy on a path of viable and socially just development; for the termination of the vicious circle of dept and austerity. A struggle for hope, not only for Greece but for the whole of Europe.

The confrontation with the conservative forces insisting on bankrupt austerity policies, constitutes a Europe-wide struggle. It is not only the future of Greece that hangs on the outcome of this effort. If we win, a new paradigm will firmly show the way to all the peoples of Europe. That is why, the hope for which SYRIZA and its government stand, has been under threat from the moment of its birth. That is why, the domestic and international Holy Alliance of austerity has gathered up against us. That is why the battle we give is of historical significance for the future of Europe.

Throughout its course SYRIZA has repeatedly pointed out, that the struggle against the Holy Alliance of Austerity will not be a stroll in the park. We claimed from the very beginning, that this would be a long and hard battle. Unfortunately, the course of events has confirmed us. But the value of the Left is measured and proven in hard times.

SYRIZA always defined itself as a party different from others. We always claimed we are a party promoting contemporary popular interests, and at the same time, the timeless values of the Left. For four months now, we have been proving day by day, our unbreakable connection to the peoples’ desire for justice and dignity. For four months now, we have been defying all ultimata. We have been resisting to the attempts for the suffocation of the economy and society. We have defied the international “mudslinging”. We have kept our ears shut to the sirens of conformity and submission. For four months now, day by day we insist on the red lines drawn by the people itself on the 25th of January. The government will not sign a new memorandum.

The fact that we reject all ultimata however does not mean that we are not seeking a mutually beneficial solution. All this time we have made every possible effort to remove the deadlock. The good will we have shown should not be taken as a sign of weakness or of assimilation to the dominant narratives. It was a sign of our responsibility to the Greek society as well as to the rest of the European Peoples. We have sought after and we continue to seek for, an agreement that will lead us out of the vicious circle of debt – austerity – more debt. We have sought for, and we continue to seek, an agreement that will strengthen the cohesion of the European peoples.
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