Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bernie Watch Parties

Did you see last week's headline? "Report: ABC World News Tonight Has Devoted 81 Minutes to Trump, One Minute to Sanders."
The big networks, controlled by a handful of large corporations, have largely ignored Bernie's record breaking campaign. At the same time, they are serving up wall-to-wall coverage of Donald Trump's racist and xenophobic rantings.
Saturday's debate gives Bernie an all-too-rare opportunity to get his message directly out to American voters via national television. And fellow Bernie supporters are gathering to watch together at an event near you:

Contact Bernie.com to find a watch party near you. 
We can't allow the corporate media to continue setting the agenda. It's time to get the real issues out there. On Saturday, we'll watch the debate together and then take Bernie's message directly to voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and the rest of the early voting states.
You wouldn't know it from watching the television news, but more Americans support Bernie Sanders than Donald Trump. Polls prove this.
With time running out before the Democratic primary begins on February 1st, we need to make sure that Trump's outrageous proposals aren't the only thing voters hear about this election. 
It's up to us to inform the electorate about the issues that are facing our country and Bernie's plan to address them as president. We'll start by watching the debate and then we'll organize together to build a massive voter contact campaign necessary to win.

There's no magic to this. The simple fact is that when voters hear Bernie's message they want to support him. If we can talk to enough voters, we can win this.
Thanks for everything you do.
Zack Exley and Claire Sandberg
Bernie 2016
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