Friday, February 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton Receives $$ from Walmart

I've heard Sec. Clinton talk a lot about helping working families lately, but it's tough to believe she's serious when the family that owns Walmart is funding her campaign. Will you sign our petition calling on Hillary Clinton to return these campaign donations?
Alice Walton, owner and heir of notoriously anti-union Walmart, just gave a Clinton campaign group more than $350,000 on top of her maximum personal donation to the campaign. In fact, I just found out that a Walmart lobbyist even held a fundraiser for Sec. Clinton.
We have known for a long time that Sec. Clinton remained silent about anti-worker actions during her time on Walmart's board. And these recent donations show that her ties with Walmart remain strong. We're calling on her to show that she's accountable to working people, not corporations, by returning these funds to the Walmart Waltons.
So far, Sec. Clinton has gladly accepted these donations, despite the fact that Walmart was recently found guilty by the National Labor Relations Board of targeting workers who stood up for their right to speak out. The case revealed a massive worker surveillance mechanism, through which Walmart even partnered with Lockheed Martin and the FBI to track workers and activists.
The Labor for Bernie Team

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