Monday, August 22, 2016

Trump Begins Ad Campaign with Anti Mexican Lies

Donald Trump begins his national ad campaign with a deceitful assault on Mexican immigrants.

We should recognize how dangerous such ads are. In November of 1994  Pete Wilson won re-election with over 56% of the vote based in large part on a similar  mean-spirited, divisive, and racist campaign directed against Mexican and Mexican Americans  in Proposition 187.  We need to recognize the potential advantage of racist scapegoating in winning elections.

The purpose of Trump’s intolerant bombasts are not to develop a policy -- it is to capture and exploit the anxiety and emotion of a particular sub-set of voters: xenophobic Republicans and the hard Tea Party Right.

Anti-immigrant campaigns such as that promoted by Trump  and the Republican Party  have effects and must be opposed.  Currently, Trump  is  repeating and amplifying  inaccurate, oppressive, and highly charged stereotypes about race and immigration in the U.S.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, in his June 16, 2016, talk to his supporters said, “ the major political task in the next five months is to make certain that we defeat Donald Trump.”
"We cannot have a president who insults Mexicans and Latinos, Muslims, women and African-Americans," he said. "We cannot have a president who, in the midst of so much income and wealth inequality, wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the very rich. We cannot have a president who, despite all of the scientific evidence, believes that climate change is a hoax."
We agree with Sen. Sanders.  Politicians using divisive racial politics must be defeated.  To do that, all eligible citizens must register and vote.  Low voter turnout among young people and progressives gives the radical right an opportunity to win.  If you believe in a democratic society -   

Join us in a campaign to register and get out the vote.

Duane Campbell is a professor emeritus of bilingual multicultural education at California State University Sacramento, a union activist, and past chair of Sacramento DSA.

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