Saturday, November 5, 2016

Filmmaker Michael Moore on Why Election Night Will Be The Biggest 'F**k ...

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MoveOn has something they'd like to give you: a free copy of my new film, as a show of gratitude for what you're (hopefully!) going to do this weekend. It's a thank you—if you can sign up to join MoveOn's absolutely critical get-out-the-vote efforts over these final days.

So how can you help win this election from anywhere in America this weekend—and download my movie for free? Two ways: 
Click here to sign up for a shift to call progressive voters in swing states between now and when the polls close on Election Day! (You'll sign up for a shift over the internet, and MoveOn will teach you everything you need to know. Your phone number will remain private and not be seen by people you call.)
Or, click here to join the MoveOn texting team and help turn out swing-state volunteers via text message. (Volunteering with MoveOn's texting system won't use any text messages on your cellphone's plan, just data or wifi—and your cellphone number will stay private.)
I've spent the last week trying to get out the vote by showing voters in swing states my new film, "Michael Moore in TrumpLand." I've seen what happens when you make the simple, humane case in favor of a woman who cut her teeth at the beginning of the modern-day feminist movement and has devoted her life to public service.
My friends, we have less than four days. We have to do this RIGHT NOW. And thank goodness MoveOn is making it easy for us. 
Ready? Here are some things you can do:
And as a thank you, MoveOn will send the first 10,000 of you who sign up to help a link to a free download of my film.
Please, please, please, please, please, please, sign up right now. Seriously, time is running out, polls are tied, and the stakes couldn't be higher.
Here's what worries me: I think that folks are taking this election for granted. We've seen projections that say Trump only has a 25% chance of winning. You know who else only had a 25% chance of winning? The Chicago Cubs. And they are now the freaking World Champions! Surprises happen. Trump can happen. You better believe it. (And Trump's odds have increased over the past week!)
But here's the really good news: You and me and progressive voters like us—including young voters, immigrants, and communities of color—can actually make the difference in this election. We can help elect Hillary Clinton and defeat a dangerous demagogue. Never forget: WE are the majority! *But only if we vote!*
And that's where MoveOn and you come in! Will you help get out the progressive vote in this final 100-hour push?
MoveOn is making this easy. All you have to do is sign up.
So don't make me beg. Join thousands of other MoveOn members across America who are getting involved this weekend. (Not only will your parents, your children, your fellow Americans, and the rest of the world thank you, but MoveOn will thank the first 10,000 of you with a free download of my film.)
Click below to help win this thing! Join me by volunteering every free hour you can between now and Election Day.
Thanks for all you do.
–Michael Moore
P.S. If you can travel to a swing state (or are in one), or would like to see other opportunities to help, click here to find out more ways to get involved. Whether you volunteer every hour until the polls close or fifteen minutes, you can make a difference.
P.P.S. Please volunteer using one of the links above, and you'll get a link to download my movie for free. But if you want to buy it for some reason, you can click here to get it from iTunes. At my request, they've made it affordable for everyone. Tell your friends about the movie, and then let's win this election on November 8!
Want to support MoveOn's work? Senator Elizabeth Warren says, "I'm so enthusiastic about MoveOn's smart and targeted plan to hire a network of organizers in key battleground states to mobilize and train volunteers to knock on hundreds of thousands of doors. It's bold and ambitious—and exactly what is needed to help swing Senate races, resoundingly defeat Donald Trump, and build the power we need to win progressive change after the election." Will you chip in to help make it all possible?

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