Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Help Pass Single Payer in California

Thanks to your unprecedented efforts calling the California Senate in support of SB 562, state senators responded by passing the Healthy California Act and moving it to the Assembly. Because of your dedication to creating a single payer health care system, we are now one step closer to this becoming a reality!
The insurance and pharmaceutical industries fiercely oppose SB 562, but their political clout wasn't enough to stop the power of our movement for universal health care in California's upper chamber. Our opponents are still trying to submarine our efforts to pass this bill, but if we keep calling, we can see it through the Assembly.
We're on the side of California's tens of millions of residents who can't wait a moment longer. This bill will ensure that everyone has equal access to health care, no matter their income. Please call your assemblyperson today to get their support for SB 562, the Healthy California Act.
Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are trying to paint our efforts as childish, whimsical, and unrealistic. What they are really worried about is losing the profits they make by charging exorbitant prices for health care services and prescription drugs. Once again, it is time to say, loud and clear, we are here to disrupt that status quo and create a system that truly works for the people of California, whether they were born in the state or immigrated from another country.

Saving lives and guaranteeing universal coverage are moral imperatives. People fall ill, become disabled, and even die without health care. The insurance industry's complaint that they won't profit off of that in a single payer system isn't a problem that needs to be solved—it's the entire point of our movement, and of this legislation. We can't keep the system the way that it is. It must change, and we're on the verge of doing just that with SB 562.
We know that this has been a long fight. We've been making phone calls for months, but we are finally close enough to see SB 562 through the Assembly. We can't let up now.
In solidarity,
Shannon Jackson
Executive Director
Our Revolution

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