Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pass the California Sanctuary Bill

Local Assembly persons  Cooper and Cooley need to be called !

Your phone calls have made the difference in getting SB 54, the California Values Act, through the Senate to the Assembly. This campaign has serious momentum, and we're ready for the next step. The Assembly Public Safety Committee is holding a hearing on SB 54 this Tuesday, and our next task is making sure it passes the committee vote.
The California Values Act gives sanctuary to undocumented California residents and their families by prohibiting state or local law enforcement cooperation with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. ICE has made communities less safe, not more. When undocumented people are so scared of being detained or deported that they won't report serious crimes that our law enforcement should be dealing with, we all suffer.
SB 54 protects our neighbors from detention and deportation, and makes communities safer as a whole by allowing law enforcement to focus on crimes that actually endanger people. Please call your assemblyperson today and get their support for SB 54, the California Values Act.
The need for immigration reform predates Donald Trump's presidency, but ever since he took office our immigrant communities have been put in even greater danger. No undocumented person is immune from detention or deportation. There is no regard for their job, family, time lived in this country, or even children who are American citizens. It is our duty to take action, and California's to lead on making a home for our beloved immigrant communities when the federal government won't. That's what this campaign is about.

The last time that immigrants posed a threat to the people of this country, the English were landing at Plymouth Rock and Jamestown. Every group's arrival since then, from African slaves to Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, German, Italian, Southeast Asian, and now Latinx immigrants and refugees from all over the world, have come looking for work and found prejudice, discrimination, and exploitation. And it is America's shame that we must look back on every single one of these instances with profound regret for how our people have been treated.
We will protect and defend our immigrant neighbors. Thank you for joining us in making your voice heard.
In solidarity,
Erika Andiola
Political Director
Our Revolution

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