Saturday, December 2, 2017

Poor People's Campaign

50 years ago, on December 4, 1967, the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. announced plans for a Poor People’s Campaign and called on the nation to take dramatic steps to end poverty and combat inequality. This multi-racial organizing effort and the dream of a fairer nation was assassinated along with Dr. King four months later to the day, on April 4, 1968.

We Are Here: A Poor People's Campaign Call for Moral Revival
Join us Monday, December 4th at 10 AM in Sacramento, the California contingent of the Poor People's Campaign will launch its operation in California .
We will gather at the NORTH Steps of the Capitol, not the West steps.

Nearly half of the US population is poor or low-income and 1 in 7 people live below the federal poverty line. Half of all children will qualify for food stamps before they turn 18, including 9 out of 10 African Americans. Millions live with the consequences of inadequate healthcare, housing, food, education, and employment, and with criminal justice and immigration systems that discriminate against people of color, perpetuate racial, ethnic and gender oppression, and penalize poor people, denying millions access to safety, equality and justice. 

For more info about the Poor People's Campaign Call for Moral Revival please visit:

Anthony D. Prince, Co-Chair, California Poor Peoples Campaign: National Call for Moral Revival

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